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Paperheart Doppelgänger

Interview Mag interviewed artist Jessica Williams (Paperheart) about art, life, and the new movie Paper Heart.

Plain and Fancy

Return to Sender

Contributions by: Marijke Appelman, Paul Branca, Jennifer Cane, Travis Hallenbeck and Guthrie Lonergan, Michael Mandiberg, Jen Delos Reyes, Gabriel Saloman, Suzie Silver, Lia Trinka-Browner, Jess WilcoxS.A.S.E. uses the idea of the self addressed stamped envelope as its foundation (a method of distribution within the postal mail system that is always initiated by the one who wants to receive the information). This method of distribution was (futilely) translated into a digital communication system, e-mail. Eleven people were asked to organize an exhibition of images that would be contained within the space of an e-mail. Ten e-mail exhibitions were created (each includes a selection of images, a statement, and a works list). All the images were found online - either from web-sites or in e-mails. To receive the e-mail exhibition one would initiate the process by sending a request e-mail. The exhibition e-mail would then be sent to the requester. More information at

In-Store Recap

Silk Flowers at Empty Bottle, 7pm, $5. We'll see you there!FYI: Jessica Hopper is the author of The Girls Guide to Rocking which you should totally buy for the young girl in your life so she doesn't end up like me and not understand how to be in a band, play an instrument, perform, license songs for advertising, etc, etc.

In The Link of An Eye with Milano Chow

1. Free box at half letter press: PDFs of rare catalogs, including the one for Gordon Matta-Clark's restaurant FOOD.2. International times archive: Amazing archive of every issue!3. Tate etc art magazine.4. Maryam Nassir Zadeh: Beautiful shop in downtown NY.5. Alexyss K Tylor: Videos on health and power in sex and relationships, sometimes entering new-age territory.6. An IM infatuation turned into romance: Role-playing, betrayal, and technology!7. 0s and 1s movie: My friend Eugene is stuck in a warehouse in LA finishing his first full-length film.8. Rediscover old painting. 9 . Maoist international movement movie reviews: I sometimes get annoyed by academic/intellectual insider humor but this is so thorough and actually funny. Unfortunately some links are no longer active.10. Steven Hill's movie title screens page: Screencaps of movie titles. Milano Chow is a printmaking assistant and runs the small publishing house Medium Rare in Brooklyn, NY. Medium Rare (aka Milano) will be taking over Golden Age in October for an exhibition and book launch.

Dazed and Confused Teenage Teardrops

Dazed Digital interviewed Cali Dewitt of Teenage Teardrops and I wish we had it together enough to have all the awesome new Teardrops stuff online, but we don't, eek! So... you'll have to holla at us if you want some of the goods, and those of you in CHICAGO can always stop by the shop! Cali Dewitt is a man who turned his back on the rabid undertones of the music industry he felt soul destroying and in turn has created one of LA’s most inspiring labels representing the incredible DIY music and art culture that exists today. The label is Teenage Teardrops home to the experimental, immersive noise duo Lucky Dragons and the lo-fi percussion of Nick deWitt. More of his adventures can be seen on his photo blog for RVCA. Alongside David Kramer from the Family Bookstore he also founded The Hope Gallery that has seen shows from Hamburger Eyes to Aaron Rose and Sumi Ink Club. Cali is currently loving LA (“It’s 88 degrees today!”) and looking forward to his marriage with Jenna Thornhill from Mika Miko. Here’s to Cali’s City of Angels. Dazed Digital: Can you explain a little more about life before Teardrops?Cali Dewitt: Oh, I think all roads and experience led to it. I had tried doing quite a few similar endeavors with others and there were always compromises and rules, I was always left feeling flat and embarrassed to have been a part of it. The only way to do something right is indeed to do it yourself.DD: What’s coming up at Hope?Cali Dewitt: The Hope Gallery had an incredible 18 month run at 1547 Echo Park Ave and when every last cent was spent and there was no time or possibility of getting any more we decided to shutter the doors just last week. However! The Hope Gallery has a new rent free locale and we will begin having shows again in September.DD: Each of the new releases are so different? From Lucky Dragons to Nick deWitt to Infinite Body?Cali Dewitt: I am so proud of that triple threat! I personally don’t feel like they are different, all three of those records strike me as daring and future thinking. My goal is to release more than music, to release affordable works of art, and I think these all succeed in that. None of them are for the casual listener. Nick deWitt’s music is a journey that can be described as modern/timeless Americana. Lucky Dragons are the most generous “world music” on the planet. Infinite Body is helping to redefine what music is and is not. These records are major works of art by major major artists.DD: Record Label Management 101.Cali Dewitt: I don’t think anyone who has dreams of having a label will want my advice, but here it is anyway.1. Don’t work with or affiliate yourself with anyone you’re not 100 percent about. Spend all your time single mindedly working on your current dream release and lavishing affection on your real people. Keep it in The Family.2. No branding. Let the people who will understand find you naturally. Branding is for gross creeps who aspire to become bigger gross creeps.3. Be honest.DD: What is Your Favorite Way To Spend A Week In LA?Cali Dewitt: Well, let’s start this dream week by taking the week off of work. OK, so with that out of the way, let’s begin. Spend the morning drinking mugs of espresso and reading The New Yorker and answering label/gallery/friend emails and packing up mail orders. Make a major breakfast and wake up Jenna (wife) and Caramel Bobby (poodle) and feed them. Get the whole family into the car and drive to the beach. Spend a couple of hours surfing. Get home around 4pm, put Turner Classic Movies on the TV and fall asleep for two hours. Wake up, exercise and meditate. Make dinner while listening to James Brown and Grace Jones. Take showers and get ready to go to some kind of combo art opening/show. Get home, put another old movie on and fall asleep in 15 minutes. Repeat every day.Teenage Teardrops will always be releasing more zines and records, as well as renting the basement of a church and starting a neighborhood theatre group

South Side Queers at Simone's

South Side Queers is happening tonight at Simone's! Everyone is welcome! No Cover 10p-2a, 21+Simone's Bar960 W 18th St (Pilsen)

Pictures from Javelin

Photo by Vincent UribeMore on

Street Views

58 Lungomare 9 Maggio, Bari, Puglia, ItalyOver at Art Fag City, Jon Rafman has an essay about his Google Street View Project as part of AFC's IMG MGT, and annual image-based artist essay series. Jon Rafman, lives and works in Montreal, Canada. His work will be featured next month in the exhibition POKE! Artists and Social Media in Houston, Texas, and he is currently working on an experimental narrative about pro fighting game culture.


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