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Food Crypt at Nite Market

Earlier this year we posted about Nite Market, a venue for culinary experiments happening in small kitchens across the city. The first Nite Market was held in Pilsen and it was a huge success. I had a lot of fun indulging in sweet, sour and savory artisan treats at street food prices. This Friday, Nite Market is back and Foodcrypt (the coolest food blog on the interweb) will be participating! 

Foodcrypt (Sam and Chris) will be frying up “Oliebollen.” Oliebollen are Dutch doughnuts that are traditionally served on New Years, but become available from food trucks (often called “gebakraams”, or “bakery windows”) as soon as the weather gets cold. I've never eaten Oliebollen, but Chris said they're like beignets—that's all I need to hear. I'm there. 

To enjoy food from unlicensed vendors, you will need to RSVP on the Nite Market website

Exit Interview with Jason Foumberg

In case you didn't see it, we did an "exit interview" with Jason Foumbeg for New City. We talk about why we're closing, what's happening next and give a little bit of advice for young guns who want to work for themselves. 

And if you haven't made it to see Paul Theobald & Co., the exhibition will be on view until November 30. Don't sleep on it. 


Dossier: Harold Mendez

all images © Harold Mendez

Texts for Nothing now in the webshop. 

Absolute Classic Masterpieces

Finally, refined smoking accessories. Enter Absolute Classic Masterpieces, hailing from Philadelphia they create objects that are designed to last forever, and in true Pennsylvanian tradition, they'll only look more refined with age.

UIC MFA Open Studios

Tomorrow, you'll definitely want to visit the UIC MFA Open Studios. I recommend heading directly to the 4th floor to see what Lauren Anderson (see Paul Theobald and Company) and Paul Cowan are currently working on. The UIC MFA Open Studios coincides with the Gallery 400 Archival Impulse opening.

UIC MFA Open Studios
Friday, November 4, 6-10pm
University of Illinois at Chicago, Art and Design Hall
400 South Peoria Street
Chicago, IL

Including works by: Mark Aguhar - Sebastian Aguirre - Joshua Albers - Lauren Anderson - Nina Barnett - George Benedict Murray III - Daniel Bennett - Jeremy Bolen - Gwendolyn Zabicki - Jon Chambers - Mary Helena Clark - Paul Cowan - Ian Curry - Lauren Edwards - Chaz Evans - Cameron Gibson - Kasia Houlihan - Ben Keddy - Mark Kent - Anthony Koerner - Kera Mackenzie - Marianna Milhorat - Andrew Mausert-Mooney - Courtney Prokopas - Alex Rauch - Andrew Reinke - Macon Reed - Daniel Shea - Tina Tahir - Daniel Tucker - Neal Vandenbergh - Tiffany Funk

New and Restocked Titles

Liam Gillick - Stories

Dora Garcia - Mad Marginal
  Kesselskramer - Amateurism

We received many new and restocked titles last week, they'll be going up in the webshop over the next few days–stay tuned.