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Installation View
Eric Yahnker, Radio with Rod Stewart Features, 2007, Graphite on paper, 30 x 44 inches
Sidonie Loiseleux, Plate # 1, 2010, Digital C-print, 30x30 inches
Emilie Halpern, Apollo, 2009, Space Blanket, halogen spotlight, 56 x 84 inches
McIntyre Parker, Untitled, 2006, digital video, sound, 01’41” loop
Michael G. Bauer, Meditational Love Drawing, for Cecilia, 2010, Pen on Paper, 14 x 22 inches
Detail, Meditational Love Drawing for Cecilia
Installation view

Michael G. Bauer, Emilie Halpern, Sidonie Loiseleux, McIntyre Parker, Eric Yahnker

Uncover, Discover, Discard

May 29, 2010 - June 27, 2010

Sentimentalism is a touchy subject that can’t be touched. It can only be felt, experienced and remembered. UNCOVER, DISCOVER, DISCARD brings together five artists to explore the taboo of being emotional. Each artist will engage in this discourse of sentimental phenomena in a different way —Yahnker takes a comic approach, Parker is documentary, Halpern is obtuse, Bauer is diagrammatic and Loiseleux is removed. Curated by Jessica Minckley of CANAL.