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Sade for Fonts Sake

Paul Chan

(PLEASE NOTE: This disc is a data disc)
Sade For Fonts Sake is a must-have special edition disc containing a set of 21 computer fonts and a collection of digital artworks by artist Paul Chan. For nearly ten years, Chan has been exploring the aesthetic, interactive, and philosophical potentials of fonts. As a complement to Sade for Sade s Sake, his monumental digital projection inspired by the work of novelist and philosopher Marquis de Sade (1740--1814), which premiered at the 2009 Venice Biennale, Chan has created a set of 21 truetype fonts that transform the act of typing into a generative Sadean performance.

Unlike conventional fonts like Arial or Comic Sans, these Sade fonts are comprised of phrases and sentence fragments rather than letters and other alphanumeric characters, so that what is typed on the keyboard is not what shows up on the screen, or what is printed on paper. Each font holds a unique set of idioms that expresses a different sexual voice when typed. Some like Oh Bishop X and Oh Justine are based on characters in novels by Sade, while others are inspired by characters from news (Monica Lewinsky), pornstars (Michael Lucas), and poets and writers (Gertrude Stein, Holderlin) whose work knot together sex with language, rhythm and form. When you type with one of Chan's fonts, anything you write becomes instantly, inexplicably, dirty, erotic, pornographic, poetic, sometimes all at once. The special edition data CD disc contains all 21 Sade fonts. They work with all three operating systems (Mac, Windows, and Linux). A special font installer is included to take the pain out of installing fonts. The disc also holds a collection of digital PDF works made using the fonts and a special set of drawings created as part of the ensemble of works that together weave the image of sex enmeshed with freedom, violence wrapped up with reason, and art entangled in it all.